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Mark Parq helps other people with their business thru video editing, designing graphics, directing movies and teaching what he knows.

What has Mark Parq done with his work life?

Look over his work and resume to some of the companies he’s helped throughout his career. This way, you’ll understand a bit more about how he can help YOU!

About Mark Parq

Who is this guy? And what could he do for me?

I’m so glad you asked! My name is Mark Parq and I have been making videos professionally (and unprofessionally) since high school. I design graphics and websites, logos and posters. No matter what the project, there’s always something that needs a few edits and some attention to the design.

I feel that doing business with others is the best way to create a better world for everyone. If you are helping your clients and I help you by making a great video or teaching you something, then that’s going to help everyone you come in contact with. And your your payment to me, helps me out, so I can purchase goods and services from others, to make their lives better!

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