Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Social Media Expert Help in One Place

Mark Parq helps other people expand and develop their business through editing, designing graphics, post production coordination while teaching what he knows

A History of Professional Growth and Development

Throughout his career, Mark Parq has helped companies improve presentation by making polished videos, posts and graphics.

Learn to edit with lightning speed!
Take the hassle out of making videos!

You can learn to edit faster, one click at a time. Mark shares tips for video editors to increase their speed with each click and keystroke.

About Mark Parq

I have been designing graphics, websites, logos and posters since 2005. In a digital world, it is important to present yourself professionally and in excellence. I can polish your videos, presentations and graphics so you will stand out from the crowd.

I feel that doing business with others is the best way to create a better world for everyone. If you are helping your clients and I help you by making a great video or teaching to be more effective, then that is going to increase your value and help everyone you come in contact with.

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